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Vocal Tuition


Private 30 min lesson

Suitable for new singers and those wanting to further develop existing skills. All lessons are tailored to individual student needs and will include a focus on vocal and performance technique. Most students will work on 1-2 songs over a term. Lessons are available in studio or via Skype.

Private 60 min lesson

Suitable for more advanced singers or those who have long term vocal goals, auditions or HSC exams. These lessons allow more time to refine technique and performance and include training in aural skills and music theory. Lessons are tailored to individual student needs and goals and the number of songs worked on per term will vary. Lessons are available in studio or via Skype.


Audition Preparation (Private 60 Min Lesson)

Achieving goals is an important part of your life and music career your goals, but auditions can be daunting. Miss Joelle will guide you through your audition pieces and give you advice about vocal technique, performance as well as relaxation and nerve-calming tools.  

HSC Preparation (Private 60 Min Lesson)

Your HSC is about more than vocal performance - it's about song choice, stage presence, music listening and analysis skills as well as composition and viva voce components. Miss Joelle will work with you to choose the most suitable performance pieces and will help you to develop listening and aural skills relevant to the listening component. If required, she will also work with you on composition and viva voce development to ensure your HSC Music marks reflect your talent and ability. 

Vocal Scholarship Program

A lack of funds should never get in the way of pursuing your dreams! If you would like to take vocal lessons but are unable to afford the cost of tuition, the Vocal Scholarship Program is for you. Miss Joelle offers 1 Full Scholarship and 2 Partial Scholarships per year. Please note that all scholarships require a 12 month commitment. 

Full Scholarship: 4 Terms of weekly 60 minute vocal lessons at no cost (available only to HSC and tertiary music students)

Partial Scholarship: 4 Terms of weekly 30 minute vocal lessons at no cost OR 4 Terms of weekly 60 minute vocal lessons at the cost of 30 minute lessons.